Our Webinar, “Nature & Human Health: Evidence & Action” and Continuing Medical Education Program is LIVE!

It has been a year in the making, but my colleagues and I are excited to share that our webinar, titled “Nature and Human Health: Evidence & Action,” is finally complete and available at no cost for viewing.  This project was made possible by ParkRx America and through a grant from the Forest Service.  One hour of AMA PRA Continuing Medical Education credit is available through the American Public Health Association for only $35.00 per provider. 

This webinar takes a look at chronic mental and physical health conditions that medical providers and our patients are experiencing at increasing rates each year. My colleagues and I make the case that spending time in nature has evidence-based health benefits to combat these conditions. We share specific studies about nature’s effects and even talk about dosing; how much time do we need to spend outdoors to reap these health benefits? And in this era of COVID, how do we safely even spend time outdoors? Can benefits occur in small nature doses close to–or even inside–our homes? We offer specific tips to providers for incorporating nature into their work days and even explain how to write a nature prescription for patients and clients.

My colleagues will introduce themselves in the webinar but, briefly, our team includes myself, Dr. Robert Zarr, pediatrician and founder of ParkRx America; Dr. Kathleen Wolf, Research Social Scientist at the University of Washington, College of the Environment, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences; and Dr. Courtney Schultz, Research Fellow at ParkRx America and Executive Director, Health & Technology Partners, LLC.

To view the one hour webinar, please click this link: https://parkrxamerica.org/continuing-education/

We hope you will check it out and will share far and wide!

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